Privacy statement

What is the GDPR?

We consider it important that we comply with all applicable laws and regulations and we also aim to treat your privacy with respect and shall therefore do everything in our power to protect your personal data. The GDPR describes how we are expected to handle personal data. GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation” and is a general European regulation concerning the protection of data. This legislation is intended to ensure that companies (that collect, process and use personal data) respect the privacy rights of these persons (customers and employees).

We, Avis Budget Car Rental are not a “Data Processor” but a “Data Controller”. There are responsibilities associated to this, and at a minimum, we are required to adhere to the following measures:

Registration obligation

Every company is required to keep track of which personal data they receive, what the purpose for processing this data is, and to know how long it is required to store this data. We have compiled a Processing Activities Registry for this which is periodically assessed and adapted by us. Privacy desk We have a privacy desk within our organisation which monitors actual compliance to the GDPR and the internal Privacy Policy. Our privacy desk can be reached via e-mail at: We audit our policy and our branches periodically in order to be able to ensure ourselves and our customers that we are in compliance with all the requirements. Privacy protection measures We have taken appropriate security measures to ensure the protection of personal data.

Data breaches

When a data breach occurs with possible risks for the person concerned it must be reported within 72 hours after discovery of the breach to the Personal Data Authority or the person concerned. We have described how our employees should handle a data breach in an internal policy that corresponds with the regulations of the Personal Data Authority. Prior to consultation and arranging the processing Under certain circumstances, we will consult with the Personal Data Authority in advance of new high-risk processing activities. In addition, we take your privacy into account when we arrange and develop new products and services. Also, our existing products and services are routinely reviewed in this respect with the aim of only storing the data that we actually need. In this, we consider the storage period critically.

By using our services (including our website, app, client programme, etc.) you are in agreement with our Privacy Policy and the use of your data as described therein.

What does this mean for you?

As a customer, you have certain rights concerning the information you provide us and/or the data we collect over the course of time.

You can read about these rights and how we handle these in our Privacy Policy.

We would like you to know that if you have any complaints, you can contact our Customer Relations Department (customer.relations@avis).

We strive to handle your complaint properly and as quickly as possible. However, if your complaint (concerning your privacy) is not handled to your satisfaction, you also have the possibility of submitting your complaint to the Personal Data Authority (

Which data do we process and why?


In order to make a reservation or an offer, we need at least the following information:

Gender Initials and last name Date of birth We need your data of birth in order to determine whether you are old enough to drive one of our rental cars or the requested car class. The amount of your Deductible Excess is also dependent on your age. Telephone number We ask for your telephone number so that we can call you if we have any more questions or need to discuss other matters with you that concern your reservation. E-mail address We require your e-mail address in order to be able to send you the reservation or offer.

Rental agreement

We need this information when you come to pick up your rental car at one of our branches and a rental agreement is concluded:

Gender First and last name Date of birth Place of birth Address Telephone number Your telephone number will only be registered so that our employees can contact you about your reservation or rental. E-mail address To be able to send you an invoice after the rental period, or to contact you about matters concerning your rental, we register your e-mail address. Driver’s licence information We need your driver’s licence to be able to identify you, but also to be able to verify and demonstrate that you are in possession of a valid driver’s licence. In addition, as based on the information on your driver’s licence, we can also examine how long you have been in possession of your driver’s licence. This is because we only rent to persons who have had possession of a valid driver’s licence for a minimum of 1 year. Address identification (if you live in the Netherlands) We request a confirmation of your home address so that we can be sure that you have permanent residence in the Netherlands. We will only register such information as your first and last name and home address. Passport or ID information (if you reside abroad) Local company information and/or flight information (copy of flight ticket) (if you reside abroad) International driver’s licence (if your driver’s licence is not written in a Western language) Payment information If you pay by credit card, you credit card number will be displayed (partially) anonymised. If you pay via a debit card, your IBAN account will appear on the rental agreement in regard to the reimbursement of a possible remaining amount after the conclusion of your rental agreement.

What information do we receive from third parties?

Most of the information that we receive comes from you, but in some cases, we also receive information from third parties.

Travel agents, tour operators, brokers and Avis International If you make your reservation through an intermediary such as a travel agent, tour operator or broker, we receive the information and a travel schedule which you have made known to your intermediary.

If you have reserved a car at or another Avis reservation channel outside the Netherlands, we receive your information through Avis International.

Loyalty cards Avis collaborates with various partners who offer their customers loyalty cards. When you present your loyalty card, you will be able to benefit from collecting points / saving miles / other discounts. If you do save points/miles, we will pass on your information to the partner concerned so that the correct number of points will be added to your account. You can see which partners we collaborate with in this area on our

Do you have a Avis loyalty card or would you like to request one? Then we would like to point out that these fall under the Privacy Policy of Avis International. For more information, please visit When you provide us with personal data in order to request a card, change your information, etc., we will be required to send your data to Avis International where your data will be processed.

Elena, the Car Rental Warning System (BOVAG) Based on your data, we may receive a warning signal from the “Car Rental Warning System” from BOVAG. In this case, we will not be able to make a reservation for you / or rent you a car.

Our employees at the branches cannot provide you with any information about the reason for the warning.

For questions, you need to contact our Security Department ( The Car Rental Members Association department of BOVAG with address Post Box 1100, 3980 DC Bunnik, the Netherlands, is responsible for the processing of this data in the Car Rental Warning System. The personal data of the renter or the driver is always recorded if the vehicle is not returned, crimes or violations have been committed with the vehicle, or when repeated damage is done to the car due to actions or negligence by the renter or driver and when the rental price is not paid in full or on time. At the BOVAG, you can make enquiries about the personal data that is processed and make requests concerning the registration period and submit your complaint in writing.

Suppliers of information We use various suppliers of information, a supplier of information helps companies to, among others, prevent fraud and manage credit risks.

One of the tools that we use in this context is the so-called ID Check Box. With the help of this device, we can verify the authenticity of documents.

Which data do we send to third parties? Processing agreement With all of our partners and suppliers who are “Controllers”, we have or will work towards having, a Processing Agreement. The ultimate aim is to have such an agreement with all our partners and suppliers who process data. In this agreement, it is concluded, among others, how your data should be handled. The most important point of attention in this is that your data is only used for the purpose that you provided it to us. CJIB Did you receive a traffic fine during your rental period? Then we can “indemnify” the fine. This means that we will pass on your data (name, address, rental information) to the CJIB, and you will then receive notification directly from the CJIB. With municipal fines such as parking fines, violations on local roads etc., the same data will be passed on to the municipality concerned.

We also have a fine portal where you as a driver can have insight into your fines. The above-stated data can also be found there. In order to login, you are required to know your licence plate number, the police report number and the number of your rental agreement.

Damage If damage has occurred to the vehicle you rented or you have caused damage to third parties with your rental car, we will pass on your data to our insurance company and, if necessary, to the insurance company of the other party. If you cannot drive any further with your rental car, your data (name, location and telephone number) will be passed on to a towing company so that the rental car can be secured/towed.

Payment services All debit and credit card payments (both online payments and payments made on location) occur via our payment partners. All payments are processed in a protected and secured environment. We have concluded a processing agreement with our payment partners. If you pay or leave a deposit with your credit card, we will pass on your data to your credit card company to process your payment information; this also occurs in a protected and secured environment.

Warning notices If you still owe us an amount, you will receive an invoice from us at the e-mail address you provided. If we do not receive your payment within the stated payment period (5 business days), we will possibly send you a warning notice through one our payment partners. This partner will send you a payment reminder with a handy payment link. Collection agency If we have not received payment after the warning notices, we will unfortunately be forced to pass on your file to a collection agency. We work together with various collection agencies that will attempt to contact you to make arrangements for your payment or to start legal proceedings. The file that they receive from us consists of your rental agreement and an invoice which also states your personal data. When necessary, the correspondence and/or telephone transcripts will also be provided. Avis International Avis Nederland is a franchise company, our rental programme and thereby your data will not automatically be shared with Avis International (the franchisor). When you make a reservation with Avis Nederland for a Avis branch abroad, your data (name, address and date of birth) will be placed in the rental program of Avis International. If you are stranded abroad in one of our rental cars and you need a replacement rental car, we will be required to share your data with Avis International so that it can arrange a replacement for you.

Car trouble on the road If you happen to have a technical malfunction and/or accident whereby you can no longer drive with our rental car, we will engage an emergency assistance provider for you. In this area, we work with several emergency assistance providers and share (only if necessary, of course) your name, telephone number, location and the licence plate number of the rental car with them.

If you need replacement transport, one of our branches or external partners will arrange this for you. The same applies to the external partners: we will only share the information they need to quickly get you back on the road again.

Government agencies Your data may be passed on to such government agencies as the police, emergency services, etc. In some cases, we will be legally required to pass on the information and we possibly may not or are not required to inform you about this. In other cases, we will only communicate your data to the emergency services when it is necessary (for example, as the result of an accident with our rental car). Elena; Car Rental Warning System (BOVAG) Your data may be recorded in the Car Rental Warning System; for more information, please also see the section called “What data we receive from third parties”. Website Our website was developed and is maintained by a partner specialised in building websites and e-commerce projects. When you make a reservation on our website (, we will receive this information digitally, via this partner. This data is then uploaded into our Car Rental System. Other We retain the right to engage partners and suppliers for other reasons than stated here. Your data will only be shared with them when this is strictly necessary and/or to make sure your rental period runs as smoothly as possible.

How do we handle your data? Car Rental System All the stated data is registered in our Car Rental System, this data will be stored for a maximum period of 7 years, the statutory fiscal retention period. Scan We will make a scanned copy of your driver’s licence, passport or ID document (if applicable), address confirmation and the rental agreement, which will all be stored in our Car Rental System.

When we scan your driver’s licence, passport or ID document, we use a mask that shields sensitive information such as your Social Security number. We also make a scan of your pass photo, if you have any objections, you may shield the pass photo. To ensure that our employees use this mask, we carry out routine checks at our all branches.

Scanned copies of your driver’s licensce, passport / ID document and address confirmation will be stored for a maximum period of 4 months after the rental car is returned safely and your rental agreement is fully closed.

Only our employees have access to your data, in our internal Privacy policy we describe how they are expected to protect your data.

Paper Your information will be (perhaps only partially) printed on a number of documents:

Rental agreement (parts 1 and 2) Invoice BPM form Reservation and offer form The rental agreement (parts 1 and 2), the invoice and the BPM form (when applicable) are stored for 7 years in relation to the statutory fiscal retention requirement. After 7 years, these documents will be destroyed. For this, we use confidential archive destruction whereby the documents are removed in a sealed container and subsequently fed into a shredder or are burned.

All other documents are printed as little as possible and sent to you by e-mail. When we do print documents, we will keep these at least until the moment that your rental agreement has finished its course and we will then destroy these documents with the aid of a paper shredder.

Newsletter and special offers We will never send you a digital newsletter or special offer without asking you first, these will only be sent to you with your (prior) permission.

If you would like to withdraw this permission, you can always contact our Marketing Department by a sending an e-mail to

Please note, when you unsubscribe from receiving the newsletters and special offers, it is possible that you may no longer be able benefit from certain special offers.

Camera surveillance All of our branches are equipped with security cameras in and outside the building. These cameras are only used to prevent and record criminal activities.

Camera images are stored for a maximum of 2 weeks, after which they are automatically deleted and if necessary, released to the authorities.

Access and Data Portability
Certainly when you rent from us often, we will collect much information about your rental behaviour over the course of time. This includes the number of kilometres driven, number of rental days, etc. If you would like access to this data and/or need to have for other purposes, we can share this information with you in an accessible file format.

If you would like to know what information we have and/or would like to receive a data file from us, then we ask that you follow these steps:

Obviously, we can only share/change information that concerns you personally and we cannot provide information about third parties, that is why we will ask you beforehand to identify yourself in person at one of our branches and to complete this form in full and submit it to us. You will receive a written response from us within 4 weeks.

If you would like to change some of your data, you can do this via one of our branches or by logging in on Please note, if you have an online Avis account, you can change your data online. Our branches cannot change this data for you.

Data that we have received to process an offer, reservation and/or rental, cannot be removed in relation to our accounting and the statutory (fiscal) retention requirements.

Using the rental car Most of our rental cars are equipped with several systems and software such as navigation, BlueTooth and a carkit. Using these systems / software is the sole responsibility of the renter and / or drivers of the rental car. The renter and / or drivers of the rental car are responsible for deleting any processed data and for removing any devices that have been linked to the rental car during the rental period.

Job openings at Avis We regularly list job openings on our website which interested candidates can apply for by uploading an application letter along with a CV and sending it on to us.

These documents and personal data are exclusively used to assess whether the person in question is suitable for one of the job openings at Avis. Your data will be treated in confidence and will not be passed on to third parties (other than those within our holding company Spuigroep BV).

Please remember that when you provide us with references that you inform the person and/or company concerned of this.

We will save your CV and letter of application for a maximum of 1 year or a maximum of 4 weeks if you are not suitable for a position within our organisation.

Social media Avis uses social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These networks offer the functionality that makes it possible for us to respond to public messages or articles, commentaries or other to place other forms of communication. It is important that you know that when you place such a response, all data, including possible personal or not personal data that concerns your response, will be immediately made public and will fall under our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to remove any contribution or content of a post according to our own approval.

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Cookies can be used for the following purposes:

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Removing and blocking cookies

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Unfortunately, there is no fully secure method for sending and storing information. Although their physical characteristics may vary, mail, telephone transcripts, fax, text and WhatsApp messages and transfers that are sent via the Internet or wireless networks may be lost, misrouted, intercepted and misused.

We take reasonable commercial measures to protect your information against loss, theft, misuse, change, destruction and disclosure by way of, among others;

An internal Privacy Policy which describes how our employees should handle personal data. This policy is periodically audited and if necessary, honed and revised. Physical security measures such as Privacy Filters on our screens (where necessary) and paper shredders Digital and electronic security measures to protect your data during transfers such as SSL encryption for the data that you leave behind on our website. We try to find a balance between the security of your data and your convenience. Because of this, we may sometimes use a communication method that is less safe than a less convenient alternative.

For example, but not exclusive of, we may send you an e-mail or text message in an unencrypted form (immediately legible) because many of our customers are not capable of gaining access to encrypted (coded) e-mails or text messages. This means that our message, if incorrectly sent or intercepted, will be easier to read than encrypted messages. For this reason, we advise that you never send us confidential information such as your credit card number or passwords in an e-mail or text message. Also not via a message on a public space of a third party social network page, especially because such a disclosure will be made public immediately.

If you suspect that your Avis, Lease Online or “Oproepauto” account is no longer secured, we request that contact us directly.

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